Monday, 14 May, 2007

Netaji groups call for proper evaluation of freedom fighters

Peeved by the disclosure that the Government has no record of Subhas Chandra Bose's contribution to the freedom struggle, two Kolkata-based organizations have deplored that the "role played by the revolutionaries is not evaluated by the state".

Netaji Study Centre & Jayasree Foundation remarked: "We are stunned to learn that there is no document on Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and our freedom movement in the Home (Political) Department, Government of India. Is it not an open conspiracy against the freedom fighters who sacrificed at the altar of Bharatmata?"

"We are also amazed at the attempt to highlight the role only one family to attain freedom," they added.

The groups have demanded that "a National Movement should immediately be started to raise the issue nationwide. All documents on Netaji and other freedom fighters should be properly maintained and made available for the public especially the researchers. The design … to ignore Netaji and other revolutionaries should immediately be crushed".

The groups will raise this and related issues at a public meeting to be organized on May 26, 5.30 pm, at Sarat Smriti Sadan, Triangular Park, Rashbehari Avenue, Kolkata on the occasion of 106th Birth Anniversary of revolutionary and Netaji's associate Anil Roy.

See TOI story: No record of Netaji's role in freedom struggle!


mayur said...

Not just file is destroyed;entire indian independence history is destroyed by congress.

That is why cause of indian independence which is RIN mutiny,armed rebellion by peasants (real india dalits,adivasis,farmers) & decolonization policy after WW2 is supressed.

How else SLAVES could be kept SLAVES even after 60 years.

Anonymous said...

yes...and they have the gumption to show Gandhi and Nehru's images on TV while celebrating the 1857 revolt...when did Gandhi support violent movements?

Vishal Sharma said...

Yes they just only want to prove that only Gandhi & Nehru were freedom fighters who fought for our independence.

Manas Khan said...

They want to make people believe that only Gandhi and Neheru are the cause of India's freedom.... but even "According to the British Prime Minister Clement Attlee, during whose regime India became free, it was the INA and the RIN Mutiny of February 18-23 1946 that made the British realise that their time was up in India. Attlee cited several reasons, the most important of which were the INA activities of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, which weakened the very foundation of the British Empire in India. When asked about the extent to which the British decision to quit India was influenced by Mahatma Gandhi’s 1942 movement, Attlee’s lips widened in smile of disdain and he uttered, slowly, ‘Minimal’"... the last part I quoted from an reporting...